Thursday, 28 July 2016

Looks like I'm back and time to get my head back into match fishing

Wow! Just looked at the last time I posted on here (May 2015) it’s been that long with not much really to report. My match fishing over the past 12 months has taken a massive step to the side whilst I have concentrated on work, family and moving house. I have been active in patches but not really put any consistent time on the bank with me at times losing interest in fishing in general. The bug is back now that I have settled back up in the midlands and back to my old stomping ground (and where I learned to fish)
I have given up my individual sponsorship with Browning and now in a position to use whatever tackle I want. Some may say I’m mad giving up such an opportunity to be sponsored by such a large tackle brand but to be honest my heart wasn’t in it anymore. What people need to understand is that sponsorship is a two way process (you don’t get nothing for free) and with me inactive on the bank whilst I concentrated on work and family I wasn’t for filling my side of the deal and was unfair to Browning. I would like to thank Browning for the years they supported me and wish them well for the future.
Looking upwards and forwards I am now in a position to get my head 100% back into match fishing and looking forward to the challenges on the bank against similar minded people. I feel I now have the freedom to be able to express my thoughts more on what’s going on within the angling world as well as give honest opinions on tackle that I’ve purchased, this is what I want to use this page for on a more regular basis as well as keeping everyone up to date with my match fishing.
Couple of topics that I will be writing on in the next few weeks include the Fisho Mania format, the tackle industry (in general) and a few tackle reviews including Commercial Indication floats, Spotted Fin (which is a new bait company on the market) and various other bits and bobs that I buy along the way. Until then tight lines, enjoy the weather on the banks and catch plenty of fish.

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